Most millennials are willing to pay for content, but not so much for news

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We can’t seem to stop talking about millennials, that elusive age of young people — roughly mid-teens to early 30s — whose numbers have surpassed the baby boomer generation. Recent research suggests, unsurprisingly, that millennials are not a “monolithic group” when it comes to news consumption habits, but in fact fall into several distinct categories. […]

Nuzzel, with a new batch of news-savvy investors, wants to bring social curation to publishers

If you live in certain media and technology circles, there’s a very good chance you’re already using Nuzzel. It’s an app that combs through your Twitter or Facebook feeds, identifying the links being shared the most by your friends. (It’s a lot like our own Fuego, which does the same for future-of-news news with a […]

The AP will build out data partnerships with local newsrooms with $400,000 from Knight

The Associated Press has nabbed $400,000 from the Knight Foundation to hire more data journalists and expand the types of projects that it does. In particular, the money will help AP share more of its datasets with local news organizations. From the release: With the funding, The Associated Press will add additional data journalists to […]

Snapchat wants to slip a little news into teens’ social smartphone time

This month, as millions of Muslims made the annual Hajj to Mecca, Snapchat set up a Live Story around the pilgrimage. Using a geofence that located users in Mecca and the surrounding areas in Saudi Arabia, Snapchat let users submit photos or short videos that its editors then curated into a story it showcased to […]

How The Boston Globe’s Crux covered Pope Francis’ trip to the United States

The pope’s visit to the United States dominated the U.S. news cycle for days, but it was especially important for Crux, The Boston Globe’s Catholic news site. During the nine-day visit, all three of Crux’s reporters were on the ground following Pope Francis. Crux’s livestream of the visit was particularly popular; the livestream page, which […]

The Worcester Sun wants to bootstrap paywalled hyperlocal digital into a Sunday print product

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Mark Henderson is certainly not the first person to launch a hyperlocal website in the shadow of the daily newspaper that used to employ him. Nevertheless, his ideas about how to build the site into a sustainable business are unorthodox enough to merit attention. Henderson, a former executive with the 150-year-old Telegram & Gazette of […]

Beware the bots: Some best practices to combat the fraudulent traffic industry

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The hubbub in the advertising industry has of late been mostly focused on the rise of adblockers. Just as alarming is the scale of fake web traffic schemes. About 11 percent of display advertising impressions are fraudulent, and globally, advertisers will lose about $6.3 billion this year due to this fraudulent bot traffic, according to […]

Politico will be in every American state capital — plus lots of world ones — by 2020

Politico plans to have operations in every U.S. state capital and many other world capitals within five years, according to an internal memo obtained by the Huffington Post. The expansion plans hardly come as a surprise, as Politico earlier this year launched a Brussels-based European edition, created a handful of state editions of its Playbook […]

Slate is taking steps to reduce its page load time by 75 percent

About two months ago, Slate began an ambitious project: It wanted to reduce the load time of its website by 75 percent by the end of the year. On average, it took about 16 seconds for Slate’s entire site to load (though much of that occurred after the page was already visible to users). Slate […]

This portable FM transmitter brings information to people in crisis

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Half the population of Syria has been displaced. Hundreds of thousands have died in the conflict and millions are fleeing. For those who remain in the country, critical infrastructure is unstable and might be under the control of warring factions at a given moment. The Internet is constantly interrupted. Cell phone coverage can be spotty. […]

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