How Esquire built Esquire Classic, a new standalone digital archive

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Esquire’s first issue was published in the autumn of 1933 featuring a dispatch from Cuba by Ernest Hemingway. That story was the first of Hemingway’s many contributions to Esquire: He ultimately wrote 26 pieces for the magazine during the 1930s, including one of his most well-known stories, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro.” More than 80 years […]

Guess what: Millennials aren’t all the same when it comes to news consumption

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Millennials tend to get lumped into a big group when it comes to hand-wringing about their news consumption habits. But (shocker) defining the entire group of people born between 1980 and 1998 as a “monolithic group that doesn’t change with age and different circumstances” doesn’t really make sense, according to a new report from the […]

ONA will expand its programs for local journalists with Knight funding

The Online News Association plans to make a push into local with new funding from Knight Foundation. ONA is receiving a $800,000 grant from Knight to increase the work of ONA Local. The new funding from Knight will allow ONA to expand the number Local groups beyond the current 50 ONA programs around the country […]

What you need to know: How six publishers digest the news for their readers

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Every day, readers are faced with a firehose of news online. News organizations realize this, and they’re trying a bunch of different ways to make the news more manageable — creating chatty summaries of their own stories or publishing extra mobile-friendly content like short Q&As. Some publishers are juggling apps and newsletters. The New York […]

BuzzFeed is planning to enter the local news game in the U.K.

It’s not unusual to see BuzzFeed on a hiring spree, especially since the company seems to be capable of raising limitless amounts of money lately. But the newest job postings show that BuzzFeed wants to test the waters of local news coverage, at least in the United Kingdom. The company is hiring 14 new positions, […]

On innovation, storytelling, and Boston: Join us for an event at Faneuil Hall October 6

Nieman Lab’s audience is global, but if you’re part of our local readership in the Boston area, I have a great event to tell you about. It’s called Made in Boston: Stories of Invention and Innovation, and it’s an evening of terrific speakers giving a behind-the-scenes look at stories of innovations that originated in Boston […]

How Gigaom died and then came back to life again, kind of

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On a Monday night in March, Gigaom, the site where I’d worked for four years, abruptly shut down. In a hastily scheduled conference call, the company’s 80-plus employees were told that we’d run out of money and would cease publishing immediately. Our long-planned conference Structure Data, which was just nine days away, was canceled. The […]

The San Francisco Chronicle looks to crowdfunding, incubators, and offline events to attract new readers

The Hearst-owned San Francisco Chronicle sits in a hub of tech and innovation. But the paper has had to survive losses and layoffs. In 2013 it set up a two-site paywall system, but backtracked a few months later., which first launched in 1994, is free, has a “buzzier” voice, and shares with breaking […]

Google’s grab of Oyster suggests ebooks, like news, are becoming “content” read on big platforms

Check out four things that have happened in the ebook world in just the past couple months: — Amazon announced that, for the self-published titles in its Kindle Unlimited subscription program, it’s going to pay authors by the number of pages read, rather than by the borrow. — Ebook sales continue to drop. They dropped […]

Pew reminds us that the broadband-enabled, smartphone-driven world you probably live in isn’t universal

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It’s easy to get a little myopic and forget that not everyone has the same access to mobile phones or smartphones or even the Internet. Internet usage across demographics has increased over the past 15 years or so, but there are still some notable divides, as Pew’s Lee Rainie pointed out in a presentation to […]

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