Publishers: Be sure bad code isn’t making your content disappear for those using adblockers

Daring Fireball's John Gruber linked yesterday to a Sports Illustrated slideshow of baseball photos taken with the new iPhone 6s Plus. But he noted a technical problem: In a small dose of irony, I had to disable content-blocking (long press the … [Continue reading]

Hot Pod: This American Life’s audio hackathon, the end of an indy podcast, and Audible’s new hire

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Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is Issue Forty-Two, circa September 22, 2015. This American Life's hackathon. This past weekend, This American Life organized an audio-themed hackathon1 here in New York. The event brought … [Continue reading]

The Institute for Nonprofit News hires Sue Cross, formerly at the AP, as its new CEO

The Institute for Nonprofit News named former Associated Press senior vice president Sue Cross as its new executive director and CEO on Monday. Cross replaces interim CEO Denise Malan, who has served in the role since April when INN split with Kevin … [Continue reading]

Working together: How NBC built a new tool to improve collaboration across its newsrooms

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Across all of its platforms, in both digital and broadcast, the NBCUniversal News Group — NBC News, MSNBC, and CNBC — employs thousands of journalists and publishes hundreds of stories each day. With so much reporting going on, it can … [Continue reading]

A cross-country network helps Reveal boost its investigative reporting power

One of the great benefits of working in audio, says Texas Tribune reporter Neena Satija, is that you have to get out of the office to collect sound. Satija was a public radio reporter in Connecticut before she moved to Austin, but working with audio … [Continue reading]

The New York Times is targeting new readers in Asia through WeChat

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The New York Times is diving into the world of chat apps with a new bilingual WeChat account. The Times will send out a daily digest of news in English and Chinese targeted at WeChat's millions of users around the world. As chat apps like WeChat, … [Continue reading]

Newsonomics: At the Times, the need for a private owner is L.A. consequential

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It's a trademark line of Austin Beutner's: “I cannot imagine Los Angeles without a vibrant L.A. Times.” As anyone who follows media knows, the Los Angeles Times publisher's imagination short-circuited the day after Labor Day, when he was … [Continue reading]

Pitching coach: A program at the University of Toronto wants to turn subject experts into freelancers

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“Atul Gawande is a model of a guy who is active in his field, but in his journalism he's actually a reporter,” Robert Steiner said. “He's not just opining and writing op-ed pieces.” It's the hope of creating more Gawandes that … [Continue reading]

Press Publish 16: Jason Kint on how worried publishers should be about the arrival of adblockers on mobile

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It's Episode 16 of Press Publish, the Nieman Lab podcast! My guest today is Jason Kint. Jason is CEO of Digital Content Next, which I confess I liked better under its old name, the Online Publishers Association. It's the trade organization … [Continue reading]

Facebook woos journalists with Signal, a dashboard to gather news across Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook isn't finished with its attempts to move journalists away from their reliance on Twitter. On Thursday, the company launched Signal, a free discovery and curation platform that helps journalists see what's trending in photos, videos, and … [Continue reading]

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